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OpenSkies Training

  • Features
    • Overview
      • Application
      • Needs
      • Performance
      • Advantages
      • Uniqueness
    • Technology
      • Architecture
      • Graphics
      • Training Method
    • Screen Shots
      • Aircraft
      • Ground Craft




OpenSkies Features

Cybernet's OpenSkies simulation system brings the power and versatility of the OpenGL programming API to the simulation and gaming worlds. On top of this Cybernet has developed an open architecture that allows the developer to produce almost any kind of new technique in their simulations.

In this section you can learn about the technology behind OpenSkies, and see what some of the results look like. OpenSkies has a lot of features to cover, so we've divided them into the following section headings:

- An introduction to OpenSkies, and guide to the many "what is it?" type answers that are found on the Application, Needs, Performance, Advantages and Uniqueness sub-pages.

- A introduction to the technology behind OpenSkies, and guide to the many specific technological points found on the Architecture, Graphics, and Training Method, sub-pages.

Screen Shots
- A visual tour of the OpenSkies program, with thumbnailed images on the Aircraft and Ground Craft sub-pages.

Where Technology Meets Training Methodology Copyright Cybernet Systems Corporation