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Download the Binaries

OpenSkies downloads will take a while, so we recommend use of a download managing program that has the capability to resume interrupted downloads.

Choose the OpenSkies training.exe for the complete OpenSkies binary. Other support and expansion files listed here are options, which expand OpenSkies functionality and/or address possible driver issues.

glsetup.110.exe (50 Mb) - (Recommended)

This recent version of the OpenGL drivers works best with OpenSkies. If you experience any issues with OpenSkies, it probably means you need to update these drivers.

OpenSkies_Training.exe (69 Mb) - (Required)

The complete OpenSkies Training System, including everything you need to get started. Includes stock terrain from Pensacola, FL, and starter scenarios/vehicles. (New self-extracting version should eliminate all reported installation errors) (23 Mb) - (Add-On)

This add-on for the OpenSkies Training System adds the Grand Canyon and surrounding terrain. (Notes: if you uninstall the Grand Canyon terrain, you may need to reinstall the OpenSkies core files. To avoid this, remove the Grand Canyon terrain by deleting the scenery directory it resides in.)

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