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Massive Multi-Player Networking Technology

OpenSkies Licensing Costs

OpenSkies offers a Development Kit, licensing at different levels based on the assumed number of players, and technical support for OpenSkies:

OpenSkies Kits

OpenSkies Development Kit
This includes the OpenSkies SDK, source code, and documentation. It also includes 40 hours of phone customer support, and unlimited e-mail customer support. Additional hours of support are available at $150/hour by phone.

If a title license is purchased later, the cost of the development kit will be deducted from the first title license price.

Individual Title License Fee

The licensing fee for OpenSkies is based on a sliding scale depending on the number of people served in the massive multiplayer game:

Universe Level (200,000+ players)
Includes 800 hours of support by phone.
$250k or $150 +2% of online revenue.

Galaxy Level (100,000-199,999 players)
Includes 600 hours of support by phone.
$175k or $105k +2% of online revenue.

Solar Level (10,000-99,999 players)
Includes 400 hours of support by phone.
$100k or $60k +2% of online revenue.

Planetary Level (less than 10,000 players)
Includes 40 hours of support by phone.

Customer Support Policy

Customer support beyond the hours included in our licensing packages can be purchased for $150/hour by phone. The time for bundled customer support begins upon the date of the purchase of the license and lasts for one calendar year, with the time for each level spread out over that year. For example, at the Galaxy Level, the six hundred hours of customer support (one month is approximately 160 work hours) is spread out over one year, usable by the licensee at the licensee's discretion.

E-mail support is free and unlimited for the term of the OpenSkies license.

Licensing Notes

Levels are purchased based on the assumed number of MMPG players. This number is computed by the number of subscribers connected each month, averaged over the first three months (not the number of simultaneous players, but the actual number of distinct players that month). If there is a cost associated with playing the online game, then only the paid subscribers count (and the numbers are computed after any free periods of play). If the online game is free, then all connected players are counted. Auditing clauses will be included in the license contract. If the number of players goes above the purchased MMPG level, then Cybernet Systems will be owed the amount covered by the new level, plus a 25% upgrade fee (based on the new price level).

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