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Massive Multi-Player Networking Technology

Cybernet's Massive Multi-Player Networking Architecture Revolutionizes Computer Gaming Industry

New API Enables Developers to Dramatically Increase Player Interaction and Reduce Development Time/Costs

Ann Arbor, MI - October 2, 2001 - Cybernet Systems, an Ann Arbor-based research and development firm, today announced the availability of a new massive multi-player networking architecture that enables developers to create online games in which tens of thousands of players can simultaneously interact in the same environment. The patent-pending distributed network server technology, which can be easily integrated into any Windows game system, significantly reduces the cost and time typically required for developers to augment existing multi-player games or create new ones. The resulting quicker time to market offers game developers and publishers a distinct competitive advantage.

"Cybernet's massive-multi player technology is very impressive in both breadth of features and in technical depth - Cybernet has developed the next-generation online API," said Erik Bethke, CEO of Taldren, creator of the popular Starfleet Command II: Empires at War computer game. "It eliminates the majority of the awkward and difficult multi-player debugging tasks from development, which typically accounts for a large portion of the time it takes to get a game on the market. Once the network is integrated into a game, players can face off against thousands of other players around the world. The technology is opening the door to a truly global online gaming environment. Taldren is integrating Cybernet's technology in a not-yet-released patch for Starfleet Command II, as well as in our unannounced console game currently under development. Online gaming is already huge, and in the future online games will be huge on the PC and console alike. Getting to market faster is critically important, as the future opportunities in online gaming will be limited to the houses that have proven experience."

Cybernet's massive multi-player gaming (MMPG) network architecture is adapted from a distributed network software system the company originally developed for use in U.S. military flight training exercises. The MMPG architecture delivers real-time intelligent routing across a distributed network server system. Game clients connect to distributed servers, which act as traffic cops directing real-time data requests across the backbone and minimizing redundancy. Sophisticated culling rules further lower the bandwidth load by 25 to 90 percent. Cybernet's technology offers developers a high-performance, low cost solution for easily implementing the MMPG architecture into online games and simulations.

"Our patent-pending networking technology reduces the average time it takes to create a massive multi-player game from 3+ years to as short as 18 months, and cuts development costs from $8 or $10 million to as little as $3 million," said Cybernet vice president of research and development, Charles Cohen. "No complex network programming or debugging is required. Games can now be published, released and start generating revenue much faster. The result is a win-win-win proposition for game developers, publishers and end-users."

For further information about Cybernet's massive multi-player networking technology or about licensing requirements, contact Cybernet directly at , or visit the company's web site at

About Cybernet Systems
Cybernet Systems Corp. is a profitable, rapidly growing technology-based company focused on developing products that combine software and Internet intelligence with human-machine interaction. Cybernet has successfully leveraged its wealth of intellectual property to bring force feedback technology to market in the form of game controllers and joysticks, introduced a line of Linux-based Internet appliance software, and launched a PC game enhancement software product. The company continues to innovate in the areas of Internet medical systems, large-scale distributed network training, gaming and gesture control interface technology. Additional information on Cybernet Systems is available on the web at

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