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Massive Multi-Player Networking Technology

Cybernet Invites Game Developers and Enthusiasts to Test OpenSkies ™ Massive Multi-player Network Architecture

Easy to Download Client SDK Now Available on Company Web Site

Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 26, 2002 - Cybernet Systems, a technology research and development firm focused on advancing the state of human-machine interaction, invites game developers and enthusiasts to experience the opportunities and heightened challenge inherent in a massive multi-player gaming environment by test-driving its OpenSkies network architecture. An easily downloadable client software development kit (SDK) now available on Cybernet's OpenSkies web site ( enables developers to link their existing game code to Cybernet's OpenSkies technology and network dozens of players. Gamers can play "Edge of Extinction," a computer battle game, on Cybernet's server and enjoy interacting with numerous opponents. The demo gives developers the opportunity to test OpenSkies' various capabilities, and introduces gamers to the strategic challenge of the massive multi-player gaming environment.

Cybernet's software development kit includes the client SDK, which is limited in its massive multi-player capabilities by Cybernet's hardware, and the server SDK. The server SDK delivers real-time intelligent routing across a distributed network server system and, for the first time, enables full massive multi-play - the interaction of tens of thousands of players in the same gaming environment. The server SDK can be easily integrated, allowing developers to add massive multi-player capabilities without the arduous task of recoding their games.

"OpenSkies is market-ready, and offers developers value in terms of shorter development time, lower cost, a shorter path to market and faster returns," says Charles Cohen, Cybernet's vice president of research and development. "What's more, its potential applications extend beyond the gaming market - to stock market interactions, Internet-based classes or video teleconferencing - we're entertaining all possibilities. In the meantime, we hope developers and gamers will take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with our massive multi-player networking architecture and have some fun."

Cybernet's OpenSkies network architecture was recently integrated into Taldren's Empires at War™ patch, presenting developers and gamers another opportunity to experience a massive multi-player environment. The patch can be downloaded free of charge at A link to the patch is available on Cybernet's OpenSkies web site.

The server SDK is available for licensing through Cybernet. For further information about OpenSkies massive multi-player networking technology or about licensing requirements, contact Cybernet directly at , or visit Cybernet's corporate web site is located at

About Cybernet Systems
Cybernet Systems Corp. is a profitable, technology-based company focused on developing products that combine software and Internet intelligence with human-machine interaction. Cybernet has successfully leveraged its wealth of intellectual property to bring force feedback technology to market in the form of game controllers and joysticks, introduced a line of Linux-based Internet appliance software, and launched a PC game enhancement software product. The company continues to innovate in the areas of Internet medical systems, large-scale distributed network training and gaming and gesture control interface technology. Additional information on Cybernet Systems is available on the web at

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